Training completed ...

Is it really a year since the 2012/13 team went south? The annual cycle continues and four new recruits have been put through the challenges of selection and then a week of training, all in readiness for the summer season to the most southerly public post office at Port Lockroy, Antarctica.

PL Training Team Pic web

Kit has been issued (huge thanks to Tog24 and Dickies for free kit and Jellyegg for their discounted Crocs and Eat Natural for free cereal bars), operation manual thoroughly read, flights booked, cargo packed and on its way to Antarctica and cabins on ships secured through generous support from IAATO operators – just a few more weeks until the team set off.

The team have been fully briefed on conditions on Goudier Island – living with each other and the noisy penguins for the season. However there is a rumour of a Port Lockroy dance, no doubt this will be revealed in a future blog – watch this space!

Operations Manager, Anna Malaos, talked the team through running the post office, counting penguins, history of Port Lockroy, risk assessments and health & safety issues and everything else that’s involved in keeping the museum operation at Port Lockroy open for another year.

PL Training Team Pic 2 web

Although looking slightly overwhelmed by all the information, there is no hiding the smiles on each of their faces giving away the eager anticipation of what lies ahead.

We can’t wait to receive their first blog from Antarctica. You can follow the team’s progress on the UKAHT website, facebook or twitter pages!


Jumping for joy!