Besides Port Lockroy the Trust has taken on the conservation management of five other historic sites: Damoy Refuge, Detaille, Horseshoe, Stonington, and Wordie.

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                    Detaille Island. Map courtesy of MAGIC, British Antarctic Survey

Detaille (HSM 83)(66°52’S, 66°38’W) Base “W” was established in 1956 as a British science base primarily for survey, geology and meteorology and to contribute to the IGY in 1957.

The base closed in March 1959 when solid sea ice prevented the base from being restocked for the season. The ship was unable to break through the sea ice and reach the island so the men secured the buildings for winter and sledged over 25 miles across the sea ice in order to reach the ship, taking with them only the minimum of their belongings and scientific records.

As a relatively unaltered base from the late 1950s, Base “W” provides an important reminder of the science and living conditions that existed when the Antarctic Treaty was signed 50 years ago. The completeness of both the buildings and artefacts (there are an estimated 5,000 on site) provide an evocative insight into the way the base was occupied during this period.

Base W, Detaille Island, was designated HSM No. 83 in 2009. The base was made structurally secure and weather tight by a UKAHT work party in the 2010–11 season. 

                    The hut in 2007

We are grateful for the close continuing co-operation with the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), the British Antarctic Survey and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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