Besides Port Lockroy the Trust has taken on the conservation management of five other historic sites: Damoy Refuge, Detaille, Horseshoe, Stonington, and Wordie.

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                          Damoy Hut at Dorian Bay. Map courtesy of MAGIC, British Antarctic Survey

Damoy (HSM 84) (64° 49’S, 63°31’W) The site consists of a well-preserved hut and the scientific equipment and other artefacts inside it. The hut was erected in 1973 and used for a number of years as a British summer air facility and transit station for scientific personnel. A 400m ski-way was marked out along the spine of the glacier on which a Twin Otter aircraft was able to land. The hut was used annually to enable personnel and stores arriving by ship to be flown ontor Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island. This was especially important in the early summer when sea ice would otherwise prevent direct access to Rothera by sea and therefore delay the science programmes.

The hut was last occupied in 1993 and designated a Historic Site and Monument in 2009. External decoration works were undertaken by a UKAHT work party during the 2009/2010 season and 2010/2011 season. There are an estimated 500 artefacts on site.

We are grateful for the close continuing co-operation with the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), the British Antarctic Survey and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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The team working on the hut in 2009/2010 season The hut being re-roofed in 2010/2011 season