What is the Penguin Post Office BBC Natural World documentary?

Penguins by John QuenbyOn the tiny Goudier Island in Antarctica there is a small Post Office and museum that is surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery and 2,000 gentoo penguins. Every summer, as the UKAHT's Port Lockroy team put stamps on postcards and greet the 18,000 tourists that visit the island each year, the penguins arrive, nest, raise their chicks and depart.

The BBC film captures the whole gentoo breeding cycle, focusing on specific gentoo families, culminating with the drama of penguin chicks fledging and heading out to sea before the sea ice returns. Blizzards and sea ice top and tail the programme, with days of endless sunlight in between. 

One of the key sequences is the first penguins heading straight to last year’s nesting sites to get reacquainted with their life-long partners. As well as the penguin soap opera, the BBC programme captures the extraordinary beauty of Antarctica. 

Emmy award winning filmmaker, Andrew Graham-Brown and assistant producer Ruth Peacey spent the Antarctic summer of 2013-14 at Port Lockroy filming the life cycle of the gentoo penguin colony. 

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