Penguin Post Office

On the tiny Goudier Island in Antarctica 

Home page lo ressits Port Lockroy Post Office and museum.  Established in February 1944 as a ‘scientific research station’ under the guise of the British Government’s ‘Operation Tabarin’, Port Lockroy remained permanently occupied until 1962, when it was abandoned as science programmes moved to more modern research stations elsewhere.

In 1996 Port Lockroy was restored to its original 1962 condition and was opened to visiting tourists during the Antarctic summer.  Each year the Trust recruits a team of four talented and enthusiastic staff to work at Port Lockroy for the season, promoting the legacy of British scientists' early work.      

The gentoo penguins arrived on Goudier Island in 1985.  In 2013 BBC Natural World commissioned a production that would capture Port Lockroy’s gentoo penguins.  Their daily trials and tribulations unfold as cruise ships come and go, bringing tourists to buy postcards, visit the museum and of course photograph the penguins.

Running concurrently were two further BBC productions: BBC Radio 4 ‘Penguin Post Office’, recorded by the film crew team and CBBC’s ‘My Life’ featuring director and cameraman Andrew Graham-Brown’s children.

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