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Find out the most recent news from UKAHT and our other partners and stakeholders. There is always something of interest happening within the world of Antarctic heritage, whether it is about jobs we are recruiting for or exciting projects or events that we are supporting. You'll find all you need to know about these stories here.

Rachel Morgan awarded MBE

We are delighted to announce that the former Director of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust Rachel Morgan has been awarded an MBE for her services to UK Antarctic Heritage and Conservation. Rachel was the Director of the UK Antarctic heritage trust from 2000 - 2014

Brooms and penguin toys heading to Antarctica

The BBC recently wrote an article about the preparations for the forthcoming season at Port Lockroy. You can read the full article here.  

August 2017 eBulletin

A new exciting map, a manky cake, and a snuggly hoodie - find out what's been going on in our latest eBulletin!

July 2017 eBulletin

Another successful Polar Fun Day, the latest issue of the Antarctic Times, and a very special Port Lockroy satchel! Read all about what we have been up to this past month at the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust! 

Edinburgh Polar Family Fun Day

Last Friday we held another fantastic Polar Family Fun Day hosted at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. There was a range of fun activities to teach children about what life was like in Antarctica 100 years ago on Shackleton's famous Endurance Expedition. The event was themed around the Enduring Eye exhibition which is currently on show at the National Library of Scotland. 
As well as getting dressed in historical Antarctic clothing and playing inside a real Antarctic tent, visitors got the opportunity to look around the exhibition and experience the fantastic photographs taken by Shackleton's photographer, Frank Hurley, of the hostile conditions the team had to endure on the expedition.

Transcript of Camilla Nichol's speech to the UK Registrars Group

Our Chief Executive, Camilla Nichol gave a speech at the UK Registrars Group meeting at the Design Museum earlier this year. We have uploaded the transcript of her speech. 

June 2017 eBulletin


An exciting discovery in Antarctica, shiney new maps, and a photo of some seals! Find out what has been happening this month at the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust with our latest eBulletin

Saving Stonington

Some of you will remember that last season we sent a team of conservators to Horseshoe Island to carry out a detailed survey of Base Y. We are delighted to announce that this coming season we are hoping to carry out a similar survey on Stonington Island. This survey will be the first step towards conserving this remote yet remarkable hut which is currently in desperate need of some TLC.

Stonington is the most remote site that we manage and the operation will pose many logistical challenges. Base E is also a unique hut because it is the only hut we manage that has two floors, making it one of the first such buildings in Antarctica. You can read about Stonington Island on our website

May 2017 eBulletin

We've selected a new team for Port Lockroy, the Enduring Eye exhibition has moved to Edinburgh, and tartan is back in fashion! Find out what we've been up to in our latest eBulletin

April 2017 eBulletin

It has been an exciting month! We had an event on Lyme Regis and also the Library of Birmingham. We have an exciting new product for sale on our website and also a rather glamorous photo of a gentoo penguin! Catch up with our latest eBulletin.

Last weekend we were at the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival where we spoke to thousands of fossil enthusiasts about the importance and significance of Antarctic fossils and how they were collected. Antarctica was once a lush jungle rich with nature and wildlife. All this life is now gone but there are still countless fossils scattered across parts of Antarctica. Many fossils were collected during Operation Tabarin (the secret war-time operation...

Polar Family Fun Day at the Library of Birmingham
In Support of the RGS's Enduring Eye exhibition


On Saturday 8th April, we went to the Library of Birmingham to host a Polar Family Fun Day. There were a range of fun learning activities to teach children about Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition as well as life in Antarctica.

The event was put on to support the RGS Enduring Eye Exhibition which is currently on show at the Library of Birmingham. The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust was the Headline Supporter for the exhibition giving a grant of £60,000. The exhibition was also curated by one of our Trustees, Meredith Hooper...

Port Lockroy Season Close

The Port Lockroy team have now safely all made it back home following what was the most successful season that Port Lockroy has ever seen. Adele, Lucy, Laura and Hannelore have had an amazing four months and documented everything in their Port Lockroy blog posts which are available on our website.

As well as managing the Museum, Post Office and Gift Shop they also undertook various maintenance tasks on the historic sites at Port Lockroy as well as nearby heritage sites such as Damoy Hut. Towards the end of the season they were joined by Tim Burton, our new Operations Officer who also contributed to making this season a success.  

Port Lockroy is now closed for the winter. Which means that here in Cambridge work is beginning to prepare for the next one!

Don’t forget that you can catch up on everything that happened on their blog posts.

Dr Trathan's Talk at the Gilbert White and the Oates Collection
A Talk Sponsored by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

On Thursday 23rd February Dr Trathan gave a speech at the Gilbert White and the Oates Collection about how new technology is helping reveal different elements of penguin behaviour and ecology. During the talk he fascinated the audience by explaining how satellite images are used to track penguin colonies distributions, movements breeding and population sizes – much of this having been unknown until now. Emphasising the importance of studying climate change he explained how scientists can use Antarctica as a platform to analyse possible long-term environmental effects that result from global warming.

We are very grateful to the Gilbert White and the Oates Collection for organising this event as well as the British Antarctic Survey for provided the speaker. We are delighted to sponsor this series of talks and we are very much looking forward to the next one.


February 2017 eBulletin

As the season has ended both our Horseshoe and Port Lockroy teams have started their journies home. Find out what we have been up to the past month by reading our February eBulletin

Horseshoe: To restore or conserve

As you know we are in the process of launching a major conservation project on Horseshoe Island (Base Y). Conservation is often confused with restoration, whilst in fact, the two are very different.

As we embark on the programme at Horseshoe, we have to make a number of key decisions about how we are to care for the site into the future. The core decision to restore or conserve is fundamental to what our actions on site will be over the coming seasons. Restoration is when you bring a building back to a former condition. Conservation on the other hand, is when you aim to preserve the building in its current state and the only work you do to it is to prevent the historic fabric from deteriorating further. As well as this, any additions or modifications to achieve this should ideally be reversible without it having an impact on the original condition of the building...

The Port Lockroy Satchel

It looks like the penguin is out of the bag.... Here is our latest product the Port Lockroy Satchel which was made by the Cambridge Satchel Company. It is part of our coordinates range which is designed to celebrate and promote Port Lockroy's unique and captivating history. The Cambridge Satchel Company and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust are both based in Cambridge and we are delighted to be able to work with them on this exciting project. You can read more about the collaboration on their website. 

Port Lockroy Team 2016-17


Every year we send a team of four to live and work on Port Lockroy during the Antarctic summer. We are delighted to announce that we have now selected our four recruits for 2016-17. To prepare thethem for life on the world’s harshest continent, we organise a training week each year.  Held at Girton College, Cambridge the week is an opportunity for the team to get to know each other as well as prepare for five months living and working in a historic site and penguin colony on the Antarctic Peninsula – learning everything from first aid and fire safety to running a post office, wildlife surveying and historic artefact conservation.


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty

The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty was signed in Madrid on October 4, 1991. It designates Antarctica as a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science” and sets forth basic principles applicable to human activities in Antarctica and prohibits all activities relating to Antarctic mineral resources, except for scientific research. Until 2048 the Protocol can only be modified by unanimous agreement of all Consultative Parties to the Antarctic Treaty. Listen to Camilla Nichol, UKAHT's Chief Executive as she explains why the Protocol is important to her.


Horseshoe Conservation Project
Restoring Base Y

We are delighted to announce that we are in the initial phases of undergoing a major conservation project at Horseshoe (Base Y - HSM No. 63) which is due to be carried out over the following seasons. The initial phase of this project is being supported by a grant from the Govt of the British Antarctic Territory and donations which have generously been gifted to us by a range of organisations and individuals as well as our members.

A specialist conservation team (pictured above) has been selected to conduct initial survey work which is scheduled to begin in January 2017. We are especially delighted to have Al Fastier join our team, from our sister trust the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust. His wealth of experience and knowledge will be invaluable to our project...


Shackleton Centenary Service of Thanksgiving
Westminster Abbey

On Friday 20th May there was a Service of Thanksgiving in Westminster Abbey to commemorate the courage and endurance of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men. The event marked the centenary of the Endurance expedition. We organised the event jointly with the Scott Polar Research Institute and together, managed to attract over 2000 guests. We were honoured to have our Patron HRH The Princess Royal and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence attend as well as a number of high profile dignitaries. People flocked from near and far, with some travelling from as far as New Zealand. It was a wonderful gathering of the Polar community and it was particularly moving to see the two hundred descendants of the men of Shackleton's expeditions in the congregation. It was truly a memorable day. 

2 December 2015
British Oral History Project Launched Online

Fascinating oral history project capturing the history of British endeavour in the Antarctic launches to the public. Collaboration between leading polar organisations brings ambitious British Antarctic Oral History Project to life.

The British Antarctic Oral History Project is the result of collaboration between the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT), British Antarctic Survey (BAS), BAS Club and Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI). The project’s aim is to capture and preserve the recollections and memories of those extraordinarily dedicated individuals who have worked in Antarctica.

16 June 2014
Operation Tabarin's 40th Anniversary

70th Anniversary of Operation Tabarin reception and exhibition at the House of Commons

PR Enquiries
Promoting our important heritage work

We are very keen to promote the heritage work that we do, telling the story of life in Antarctica both past and present. If you are interested in running a story, using our images or films or want to discuss an interview or potential collaboration opportunity we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either Sarah or Lewis at Limewash to discuss your requirements or +44 (0)1223 813557.  

Historic Dockyard Museum in the Falkland Islands are raising £1,000,000
25 years of the Environmental Protocol

The Historic Dockyard Museum in the Falkland Islands opened its doors to the public in Sept 2014. The Museum (Under the Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust), is a registered charity in the Islands. The HDM has been a huge success but we are not done yet! We need to give the bigger items in our collection a home - a home they deserve.

Nine generations of Social History are being looked after keenly at the Museum but the stories in themselves involve some intriguing and sizable artifacts - from ships rescued from treacherous seas to the Search and Rescue helicopter that saved the lives of many people in and around the Islands - to the 'Roadless' Landrover, only one of 9 ever built! We also have the F4 Phantom II - one of the first to arrive in the Islands after the conflict in 1982 together with a large collection of items left in the aftermath of the conflict in 1982; the bow of a 160 yr old American packet ship - the Charles Cooper; a fire engine, the Governors taxi - a red Austin London cab, a Lynx helicopter, a peat lorry, agricultural equipment and so, so much more!

This big building will also incorporate a much needed storage facility - we have over 7,000 objects in our collection - a collection that continues to grow. Please help us to look after these treasures and preserve the heritage of the Falkland Islands for future generations.

We have the land - we have the plans (a 20 x 60m building), we have the enthusiasm and we have the passion so all we need is the money! We can't do this without your help - we have a huge target but we also have huge hopes!


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Press Enquiries

We are very keen to promote the important heritage work that we do, telling the story of life in Antarctica both past and present. If you are interested in running a story about us, using our images or films or want to discuss an interview or potential collaboration opportunity we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either Sarah or Lewis at Limewash to discuss your requirements or +44 (0)1223 813 557.