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You don't need to go all the way to the Antarctica to get a taste of what life is and was like on the frozen continent.  Part of our work in bringing Antarctic heritage to life is either running exclusive events for our members, providing access to other interesting events or simply keeping you up to date on the most exciting Antarctic events taking place.  Discover here the latest polar-themed events taking place around the UK and if you don't see something that takes your fancy this time around, bookmark the page and come back again!

Dreaming of Antarctica Photo Exhibition at UCLH
18 July to 4 September 2019

A photography exhibition in the Street Gallery of UCLH - a space dedicated to art in the context of healing.  The page is also collecting donations. Your funding will help set up the exhibition and profits from sales will go to UCLH Arts and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

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19th Shackleton Autumn School
Athy, Ireland 25-28 October 2019


Lectures – Exhibitions – Film – Drama – Dinner – Excursion 

Athy Heritage Centre– Shackleton Museum 

For information and booking contact: 

Athy Heritage Centre – Shackleton Museum 

Town Hall, Emily Square, Athy, Co. Kildare 

Tel: 059 – 8633075 


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Symposium: A celebration of women in Antarctica
Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 17-18 October 2019

Join us for a symposium that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the first All-Woman Research Team in Antarctica. Led by Dr. Lois Jones, this team of four women from The Ohio State University made polar history when they went to Antarctica in 1969. 

Led by Dr. Lois Jones, this team of four women from The Ohio State University made polar history when they went to Antarctica in 1969. The symposium will look at women’s past, present, and future in science, research, discovery, and leadership.

Speakers will include polar scientists, historians, explorers, and two members of the original team. The symposium will look at women's past, present, and future in science, research, discovery, and leadership. 

Presented by the Byrd Center

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FRISP 2019: Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes
The Queen’s College, Oxford 15-18 September 2019


FRISP is an annual meeting to share research related to ice shelves, and their interactions with the ice sheet, ocean, and atmosphere. It is an Expert Group of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), and has organised regular meetings in Europe since 1984. FRISP is an appropriate meeting to present work in progress and discuss emerging research ideas, and is well-suited to early career researchers as well as senior scientists. 

The South Pole-sium
Dublin 7-9 June 2019

For those who love to collect, write, publish, buy, sell and love books relating to Antarctica and the South Polar Regions  

Organised as an informal and enjoyable opportunity for those interested or involved in the Subject Focus to come together, meet one another, trade ideas and pursue common interests. In other words, the SouthPole-sium will be something of an extended "bull session," social hour, and networking opportunity. 

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Panel Discussion ‘Female Voices in Climate change’ with Professor Melody Clark
Hay Festival, 2nd June 2019 10:00 am

 A panel discussion with Morgan Seag, Co-chair of the international council of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, anthropologist Ragnhild Freng Dale from the Scott Polar Institute and Professor Melody Clark from the British Antarctic Survey. 

Does having more women involved in climate change-related research make a difference to discussions? What kind of adaptations will be required as global warming increases and how do we bring a broad range of the public on board, particularly regarding the more complex issues surrounding climate change?

Professor Melody Clark is a highly accomplished scientist at the British Antarctic Survey. She currently leads the Adaptations group, which studies two main areas: how animals adapt to the extreme cold and how they may react in the face of predicted climate change. 

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Antarctica and Climate Change – Professor Michael Hambrey
Royal Geographical Society with IGB - 30th May 2019

In a joint event with the University of Cumbria, Mike Hambrey will explore the evidence of climate change in Antarctica since its great ice sheet developed, drawing on geological evidence and ice core data. He will consider contemporary changes in Antarctica, why it matters to us, and why humanity is the cause of changes on the continent that will potentially have catastrophic global impact. The talk will conclude with some personal reflections on what we need to do to combat climate change.

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Little Explorers - Scott Polar Research Institute
13th May 2019

With a different Polar story each session by renowned storyteller Marion Leeper, the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) are taking under 5's on a magical journey to our Polar Regions. The theme this month is Arctic Birds.

The next story is taking pace Monday 13 May 2019 at 10:00-10:45 and 11:00-11:45. Children must be accompanied by an adult, and places must be booked in advance.

Who knows, this could be the opportunity that sparks your budding Polar Explorers future? To find our more and to book a place click here.






Shackleton and his Stowaway
At the Cervantes Theater from April 23rd 2019

‘a beautifully written new play, richly poetic in its lyrical language, balancing light humour with thrilling narrative.’ Edinburgh Guide

‘Absolutely beautiful and engaging script which captivates the audience and takes them along on the expedition with the characters.’ Everything Theatre

Written by Andy Dickinson

‘When disaster strikes and all hope is gone, get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton.’

Stolen Elephant Theatre are bringing their Sold Out Ed Fringe play‘Shackleton and his Stowaway’ to London. It is based on the real events of the legendary Endurance expedition to Antarctica. It follows the misfortunes of an 18 year old stowaway who sneaks aboard Endurance. Initially, the stowaway is in complete awe of Shackleton. But this fades by the time Shackleton has gotten them trapped in the polar ice pack – even more so when Endurance actually breaks up and sinks. This leaves them adrift on the ice, hundreds of miles from civilisation.


Evenings: Tue 23rd – Saturday 27 April 2019 at 7.30pm, Sunday 28th April at 5pm

Matinees: Wednesday 24th April and Saturday 27th April at 2.30 pm

All shows are 90 mins with no interval

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