Port Lockroy Selection for the 2013/14 Season

Following our recruitment campaign, out of 180 applicants, seven very competent candidates were asked to attend a rigorous two day selection process.  Three were ultimately selected to work as Port Lockroy Assistants for the 2013/14 season. PLSelection1314The new recruits will complete four days of training in September, in readiness for departure to Port Lockroy in November.

Helen Annan, Port Lockroy Base Leader, will lead the team.  Helen has already completed a season for UKAHT at Port Lockroy in 2007/8 and is keen to visit again to see many of the developments since she was last there.  The Nissen hut has been reconstructed and now provides fit for purpose accommodation for the staff.

A speciTOG24 al thank you to Tog24, our continued and long standing sponsor, for supplying t-shirts and waterproof jackets for both staff and candidates for the selection process.