Midwinter at Cape Evans

The party at Cape Evans had to endure the winter not knowing the exact fate of Scott and his four companions - they were sure they must have perished out on the Barrier.  Nor did they know how the six men of the Northern party fared - where were they? were they alive?  It would be months before they were to find out about either.  The winter is most easily read about in Apsley Cherry-Garrard's 'The Worst Journey in the World'.

Exhibitions continue:

- Hampshire, the Oates Museum in Hampshire has opened its newly re-furbished Galleries

- London, Natural History Museum, Scott’s Last Expedition (the centrepiece of the exhibition, the ward room table). You can also watch some of the film material that is shown as part of the NHM exhibit.

- York Royal Dragoon Guards Museum, Captain L.E.G.Oates: the Gallant Gentleman

You can see more details of of these and all the other exhibitions underway at